Baudouin Feildel

Welcome on my little web corner, there is not much to see here.

You can find me on other places on the internet:

I toot/tweet/post/share/write mainly in french, sometimes in english. Nowadays I work mainly with english.

What makes me live

I am passionate about software development and ethics in the new digital age. I play with a lot of technologies, from the Web to the embedded systems through system administration (on linux obviously).

I see a lot of value in free software as in freedom (but I also like beer) and I am looking forward to enhance people's lifes with software that respect them and value their privacy.

I also like photography and culture, I can spend hours reading wikipedia or visiting muzeum to learn new anecdotes. I started this year (2018) to learn how to reduce my impact on the planet by reducing waste and consumption.


You can contact me using the following email address: You can use the same address for XMPP/Jabber.

My public key is available here, do not hesitate to use it when sending me an email.